Walking Is The Best Exercise

We all know that walking is the best exercise to keep us healthy overall. With walking our whole body gets benefited whereas in other exercise particular area of the body gets benefit.

For example, benefits come on your leg when you do leg exercise, your hands get benefited when you are doing hand exercise, etc. Walking burns maximum calories in minimum time. Obese people who want to burn few extra pounds may get immediate and quick result from walking. Walking helps to loose your fat permanently.

Apart from burning calories, walking increases fitness of the body and boost up energy removing all types of health related problem. As walking does not need any type of instrument, it can be done by anyone. Walking becomes really an enjoyable exercise when you do it either with your friends, lover or with pet.

A person who spends mostly sedentary lifestyle becomes most non energetic and unfit people by nature. Lack of exercise not only makes them obese, they also loose the efficiency of their muscle. To regain the fitness and power of the muscle, walking is the best exercise. It also helps to bring your body in shape.

Running and jogging are better exercise and bring result more quickly. But these exercises are not suitable for old and sick people especially those who are suffering from heart related problems. But every one whether young or old, whether fit or unfit can perform walking. Only pace will be different from person to person.

According to research regular brisk walking is excellent to keep you disease free.  20 minutes walking everyday keeps you far away from cardiovascular diseases. It also helps to keep blood pressure normal. Walking perhaps is the best medicine for the people suffering from diabetes. Walking also helps to digest food well and thus improves our digestive system. A person suffers from insomnia and other sleep disorder problems may get benefited from walking.

Walking can be an enjoyable experience especially when you walk with your friends and near and dear ones. For walking neither you need to call a specialized person nor you want any instrument. Thus walking saves your pocket. It is the cheapest exercise to give maximum result.Wake up early in the morning, go for a walk and stay well all day long.