Warm Up Stretches For Lower Body Exercises

Warm up stretches are a very important part of your daily workout regime. These exercises help in increasing your flexibility as well as muscle strength and thus, prepare your body for harder training like weight lifting, dance, sports, etc. They help in increasing the extensibility of the lower body parts like hips, thighs, calves, foot, etc.

Hence, the people practicing these exercises beforehand make their lower body more resistant to cramps and injuries. You should practice each of these stretches for about 20-30 seconds and repeat them 3-5 times. One simple classification is explained in this article:

Warm Up Stretches While Lying Down:

There are several warm up stretches, which can be performed while lying down flat on the ground. For example,You can keep your left foot on top of your right knee and place your hands in between the gap. Now, pull the right leg towards your chest without moving your upper body. You can continue the same process with your left leg.

You can lie on the ground and pull either one or both your knees in a folded position to make them tough your chest.You can lie on your back and keep your legs in bending position.

Now, stretch your right leg upwards and then, pull it towards your body with the help of your hands. Repeat the process with your left leg.You can lie down in the similar manner and pull any one of your leg to place its foot on the knee of the other leg. You can use your hand and twist your hip for pulling the leg.

Warm Up Stretches While Sitting:

Similarly, there are a number of exercises, which can be done while sitting. Some of them are explained below:You can sit on the ground and keep your feet joined. Now, you can bend your head in order to lean forward till your inner thighs feel the pressure.

You can sit on the ground with your body resting on your forearms and your bent knees. Now, try to stretch your legs one at a time by straightening them behind.You can hold both the feet together with your hands and try to push your knees towards the ground.

Warm Up Stretches While Standing:

There are many stretching exercises, which are done while standing. Some of them are: You can stand facing a wall with one of your hands resting on it. Now, hold the feet of any one of your legs with the other hand and try to make it touch your butt.

You can stand with one of your legs bent forward at an angle of 90 degree and the knee of the other leg touching the ground. Try to lean forward in this lunge position and repeat the same process by changing the legs.You can raise your foot above the ground and stretch it forward, backward and in rotation.

You should not stretch your body parts more than your limit. These may lead to severe damage to your bones or muscle tissues. You should also consult a doctor immediately if you suffer from any accidental injury.

Photo Credit: blog.myoforce.net