Water Workouts

It has been found that benefits of exercises are doubled when they are carried out in water. In view of the fact that an individual is 10 times lighter in water and can carry out a tough exercise more effortlessly. At the same time burning more calories as well. Let’s have a look at some aqua workouts which you can opt for:

Aqua yoga

Perform yoga asanas such as vriksasana, virabhadra, and shavasana in water. Perform each of these asanas for a period of at least 30 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes. Yoga’s performed in water stabilizes and strengthens the core muscles, to be precise, the abdomen and back muscles. These yoga’s which are performed in water are beneficial for those who go through depression and concentration problems. Moreover it also assists in achieving balance and flexibility.

Aqua aerobics

It has been found that a person can burn up to 600 calories by doing aqua aerobics. These are high-intensity exercises and are performed in chest-deep or waist-deep water and can be carried out with or with no equipments. These exercises are beneficial for people who face problems in carrying our aerobic exercises on ground for instance pregnant women, senior citizens, diabetics and persons with arthritic and joint problems.

Aqua resistance training

Have you ever thought of performing a gym session in water? This is the most innovative way of carrying out the workout. These are also high-intensity workouts similar to aqua aerobics. These sessions are by and large carried out with bars and dumbbells. These help in toning the full body and that to with no injury. These exercises are beneficial for all and sundry. Whether you are suffering from joint problems or arthritis, or osteoporosis in addition to, if you want to build strength or lose weight they will always help you out. Pregnant women can as well perform these workouts.

People who are new to these water workouts should ideally begin with walking in water. Begin with knee-deep water, after that advance to waist-deep and subsequently chest-deep water. You can even begin with running, kicking, and jogging under water. Dance movements carried out in chest-deep or waist-deep water can also be performed.