Watermelon – Why it is Good For You

Some people think that watermelon is like just another fruit, and so they do not feel the need to include it especially in their diet as such. Only those who are aware of the benefits of watermelon know that it is one of the most important fruits that need to be included in one’s summer diet.

Watermelon, as we all know is a cooling fruit, which helps to quench the thirst and beat the heat. It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, which is important for everyone, and especially for pregnant and lactating women. Vitamin C mainly helps in building the immune system of the body, and therefore, you are protected from all kinds of diseases and ailments. Your body even builds up resistance to various kinds of infections.

Apart from Vitamin C, watermelons also have Vitamin A and Vitamin B6. This means that watermelons help in providing the body with energy. Also, your body gets the adequate number of antioxidants needed to maintain a healthy body, which is not only disease-free but also has well balanced internal systems.

A lot of cardiovascular disorders and even cancer can be prevented with the regular consumption of watermelon. This is the reason why you will hear a lot of doctors and health experts suggesting the consumption of watermelon to a lot of people, over other kinds of fruits. All the salts of the body, and the fluid that gets lost and misbalanced in the summer season because of excessive heat and sweating gets replenished with the help of watermelons. Your body is hydrated at all times, and this is the reason why dehydration patients are advised to consume watermelon juice.

Asthma patients or those experiencing symptoms of asthma should also consume watermelons. Best of all, watermelon is low on calories, which makes its juice the best available natural drink and cooler in summers for those aiming at weight loss. You get a perfect body and shape, along with a healthy and well balanced internal system. Some studies have also shown that watermelons can help deal with impotence too.  So include watermelons in your diet, and enjoy the multiple benefits!

Ridhi Rajpal