Ways To Control Your Eating Problem

Control Your EatingIt is a well known fact that in order to fulfill our nutritional needs, we all intake energy in the form of food. But have you ever thought that the activity which is an inseparable part of our daily life can often become an eating problem. Eating, according to the psychologists, is triggered by hunger and the animals along with other heterotrophs must eat for the sake of survival. We usually take three complete meals everyday which consist of a balanced diet.

But the eating problem arises when we tend to intake an excess of it or the amount is too scanty to accomplish our requirement. There are a number of factors which affect one’s normal eating habit and make an individual a victim of eating disorder. At present more than 12 million people, most of them are residing in the United States, are suffering from eating problems and disorder which is indeed alarming information, both for the medical research groups as well as the common masses in every country.

The reasons leading to eating problem

As stated earlier, there are plenty of reasons responsible for eating disorders and problems, including physical and psychological conditions bringing disruption in our normal appetite. Depression, anxiety, frustration, bulimia, anorexia all these can result in emotional eating or eating disorder. Here it is important to become accustomed with the phrase emotional eating. When our affinity towards eating is affected by negative emotions, our food consumption, as a result, either increases excessively as we see in obese people or it decreases abnormally as noticed in case of under weights; this tendency is known as emotional eating. Laboratory studies reveal that the obese tend to overeat because they are emotionally reactive which is caused due to depression and this is mostly seen in young college students, chiefly women.

But they hardly intake complete meals, rather their attraction lies in snacks and it is here the danger lies. Though certain evidences show that, women are the primary sufferers of eating disorder, the male section is not completely free from it. Westernization has also been pointed out as a possible cause and some sources show that the western world is in the top most position, where eating problems reigns supreme. But whatever the cause may be, if you are thinking to overcome this disorder, don’t worry, say yes and come forward. It is a disorder not doubt, but a curable one!

Ways that work in controlling eating problem

Once the diagnosis is made and the victim comes to know the motif behind the disorder, proper treatment should be given to control it. The healing procedure depends upon the type and severity of the disorder caused by eating. There plenty of options available among which Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, Interpersonal psychotherapy, Art therapy, Recreation Therapy and Family Therapy deserve special mention. Self help also serves as a very effective means of controlling eating disorder along with Nutritional Therapy. But to achieve true and effective recovery from eating disorder one must listen to his/ her body, pay heed to the feelings, must accept and trust himself/ herself and enjoy life with all its varieties.

Eating Problems

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Though at times, it becomes really difficult and embarrassing to discuss such issues like eating disorder with anyone, yet the one who is suffering from the disorder must have that much of courage to have an open and frank discussion with someone who can be trusted. It may be a friend, a teacher, family member or a colleague and then if needed a medical practitioner. While discussing this problem of eating disorder, both the sides should remain cool, calm and patient. Anger and impatience can hamper the recovery process. Moreover a professional nutritionist having sufficient knowledge can be proved to be of great help too. Make sure that you feel comfortable and accepted with that person otherwise a chance of improvement is quite low as you might not open up about many things.

Finally if it is revealed from the studies that one is drastically suffering from eating disorders which include anorexia and bulimia to a great extent, which can be life- threatening, then he/ she must be admitted to a hospital immediately, without wasting a moment.
Since eating disorder includes victims of almost all age groups ranging from children, teenagers/ adolescents, young people to matured men and women, therefore while treating them whoever is counseling them should be conscious of this factor and if required an extra amount of care and softness should be given to the adolescents and children as they are in a very tender and sensitive stage and the issue of eating problem is equally touching.

Love yourself more than anything else

Don’t forget that it is extremely important to love and admire ourselves. Our constant nourishment, care and concern will help us to make our selves more beautiful, adorable and life thoroughly enjoyable. Try to understand that eating disorder is such an illness which one can overcome at ease, if only the individual is willing to do so. But the keenness should be constant and should not waver once you are free of eating disorder. Therefore, once you are cured don’t forget to keep on paying constant attention to your self and if necessary can also undergo the various therapies as they would give an anxiety-less life.

Don’t allow yourself to be broken as you suffering from a disease called eating disorder and be fearless to express your emotions. You can try out certain soothing and pleasant ways out like taking a walk, chatting with a nice person, listening to music, playing games or with pets, or spending sometime in the lap of nature. These with help you immensely. Moreover remember to maintain a regular eating habit, try and stop improper dieting as it may once again lead to eating problem and avoid the fashionable magazines which are available in the market. So be healthy and stay stylish by taking care of your body in the natural way.

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