Ways To Improve Muscle Endurance

To improve the overall muscle endurance, you have to increase the time spent on exercising the muscles, add varieties to the exercise regime and increase the resistance applied to work against.

You must work out at least 3-4 times a week, but also keep in mind to give a minimum of 24 hours rest to your muscles, after every workout session.

Types Of Endurance

There are three types of endurance workouts; each serves a different purpose, and each come in handy for different types of work. Power endurance, is the type of endurance workout,which helps to build endurance so that an individual does not lose much (or any) force while repeating a certain movement.

Short term endurance, is the type of endurance, which is needed in small bursts (like for example, in football). Then there is Long-term endurance, which is needed in activities, which spend energy, body fluid, etc. at a long stretch of time. To increase muscle endurance you need to follow these few pointers.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises, works to improve the stamina of an individual. In addition to that, cardiovascular exercises work on a number of muscles at once. Cardiovascular exercises like running,jogging and swimming, helps build up the long-term endurance in you.

When you have to continue running for 45-60 minutes,it strengthens your heart condition and your lower body.The repeated contraction of the muscles will build the endurance and strengthen your respiratory system.


Endurance means, the force needed by a person to keep a certain weight held aloft, for a certain time limit. Lifting weights and constantly increasing those weights will help in toning the muscles to endure such weights, and much more,in the future. Increase the repetitions of each exercise, and go on increasing the weights in each round, or in every few days.


Here are some exercises you must perform to improve your muscle’s endurance.

Bicep Curls

This is the most common type of exercise for the biceps, yet it is one of the best for the same muscles. Stand straight, and hold dumbbells, or barbells, in your hands (palms facing outward).Now slowly exhale, and curl up your wrists (to reel in the barbells), and lift the whole preparation by bending the elbows.

Bring this formation close to your shoulders and then go back to your original posture. You may also perform the same with dumbbells. Repeat till you feel drained, with small rests in between.

Using Body Weight

Lifting your own body weight is the best way to train for improving the endurance. You may do this by practicing pull-ups, push-ups, Crunches, inclined crunches, etc. In each week, go on increasing the resistance by adding weights to the exercise.

Dead Lifts/Bench Lifts

Lifts performed by lying down on benches offer best resistance; especially for the upper-body muscles. Perform dead lifts using barbells, and continue to slowly, but regularly increasing the weights and/or repetitions.

Increasing the weights and the repetitions according to the advice of your trainer, and it is always advisable that you stay close to someone who can help (lift weights) if there is any problem.

The increase should be at a gradual basis and not sudden; you may play around with weights, and repetitions, when you have got the hang of all the available weights.

Photo Credit: precisiontraining.com