Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

How To Keep Your Eyes HealthyEye is the most fabulous sense organ among the five senses. It is the most splendid camera ever. Mechanism and functioning of eye is intricate as well as delicate enough to make any curious mind be in awe. Hence it is utterly important to keep our eye to its optimum.

Where Eye Exercises Come To The Picture?

Obviously being the most intriguing organ of the body the work load is extreme; to make it up to it; eye & the associate structure of eye has to work particularly. Apart from that; pollution, life style, insufficient rest, etc. adds to more and more damage to eye, plus; it is human tendency to not worry about something which is somehow working and not complaining!!! So to counter attack all these hurdles; the most easy, non-invasive, cheap, and sophisticated way is ‘eye exercises’.

What Are They?

This set of seven exercises is designed with the blend of modern and Ayurveda’s interpretation with the motto of giving ultimate work out for each and every part of eye; Starting with Sunning : Here patient has to put 2-2 drops of cow’s urine (Gomutra) in each eye and stare the sun in early morning at around 9 a.m. for 5 minutes.

Eye Wash

Here patient has to dip his eyes in eye washing cups and blink for 20 times in each round. There are three such rounds. This provides lubrication, cleansing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action.  Palming: sit in the dark room, rub the palm till it becomes warm, and place it on closed eye.

Eye Wash


Stand in front of a swinging bar; concentrate on distant objects; oscillate the body from one side to other for fifty times with blink at the end; close one eye for 25 times. Benefits: exercises intraocular muscles, improves concentration.

Candle Exercises

Read fine printing in candle light for 5 minutes; read prints kept on 20 inch distance with various font sizes. This helps in perception of the site.  Ball exercise: hold the ball in one hand; tossed in the ground and collect at eye level; extend the arm and throw it from one hand to another; your head should follow the projectile of the ball; blink after every movement.


sit in front of the boiling water covering a towel over the head and add few drops of eucalyptus oil. Take vapor to the face; breathe deeply from nose blink frequently. This removes spasm; improves circulation.

Cold Pads

Sit and place cotton pad dipped in the water on both the eyes for ten minutes. This gives relaxation and reduces burning sensation.

Tips and Cautions

These exercises, not only meant for keeping eyes healthy but also target some of the major eye disorders like myopia (shortsightedness), long-sightedness, astigmatism etc. too. They are all researched and interpreted thoroughly by renowned Ayurveda doctors and are commonly prescribed to many patients in most of the Ayurvedic clinics.

These all exercises consume approximately 45 minutes of your morning; let’s say that the outcome which these are providing 45 minutes seems less isn’t it?