Weight Bench Workout For Martial Arts

Previously, it was believed that weight training might add on your muscles and form additional mass. If you are a martial arts performer, then it may have affected your speed, agility and flexibility. This belief is true to some extent, but martial arts without strengthening the body and especially the joints, is useless (at times impossible).

So, what one can do is instead of going on increasing the weight, he/she can try and increase the number of repetitions. This will provide the person with strong and toned muscles and also a higher stamina. Here, some tips are listed, which will help you to get better in martial arts.

Workout For Martial Arts

Safety Tips

Working with a weight bench is risky. It is riskier than many other weight exercises. There are chances of you dropping a weight or yourself falling down from it. So, the solution for this situation is that you have a spotter with you. Just have a friend to watch over as you perform the exercise. This way, you will have company and he/she will be able to help, when needed.

So, here are some exercises on weight bench for you to get benefit in martial arts.

Wrist Curls

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The hands and the wrists are the most important part in martial arts. While grappling an opponent or performing any other routine, the position and the strength of the hands (and the wrists) play a very important role.

Sit one hand away from the edge of the weight bench. Keep a dumbbell at the very end of this edge. Now, hold the dumbbell with your palm and keep on the bench, with the (dumbbell held) palm facing towards the ceiling. Let the weight of the dumbbell take the wrist down.

So, now your wrist is hanging off the edge, while holding a dumbbell. Slowly lift the palm and take it towards you as much as you can. Then return to the original position. Repeat with both the wrists, until fatigue makes you stop; and a set of 3.

Triceps Extensions

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Triceps store potential energy, which one needs while throwing a punch or to perform any other hand movement. So it is vital that you exercise your triceps muscles.

Sit on a weight bench, with your shoulder and back straight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and have one hand extended over your head (straight). Slowly bend the arm at the elbow and let the arm drop at your backside. Make sure that the hind part of your hand is still straight.

Once the bent arm angle goes past 90 degrees, contract the triceps and lift the arm back up to its original position. Repeat 15-20 times and perform a set of 3.

Shoulder Press

Shoulders are the axis points of all the movements that you perform with your hands. It powers the whole hand. To perform a bench shoulder press, straddle yourself on the bench and then keep the two dumbbells along your ankles.

Stretch your arms, grab and drag the dumbbells towards your shoulders. When the dumbbells reach their destination, lift them up slowly, so that they are straight above and the palms are facing opposite to you. Repeat until fatigue breaks you.

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In martial arts, legs are vital in moving with agility and speed, jumping and landing with the softness of a cat without hurting the lower body. To do all these stuff, one has to train his/her lower body (and especially their legs). To train and strengthen the legs, perform wall squats.

Stand with your shoulders against the wall and your legs shoulder width apart. Now lower your bodies until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Now stay in that position for 25-30 seconds before lifting your body back to original position.

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