What to Do in Memory Loss

Our brain is the most important part of our body.  Like the computer it organizes programs, solves problems or searches for the solutions and depends heavily on memory. Without memory a person is like walking dead with no awareness of anything around him. Sometimes diseases, extreme tension, fear and medication leads to memory loss. In general people suffer memory loss when they grow old. 

Many new scientific studies and researches are being conducted on the causes and possible remedies of memory loss. These researches point towards few ways as how to cure or minimize the intensity of memory loss.

The first and the foremost thing is to reduce stress. Nowadays young people are going through a very stressful life without knowing how harmful it is in their later life. Stress is the main cause to create temporary memory loss. A hormone called Cortisol is released in our body when we go through stress. If you go through stress again and again your body will start to release this hormone in high doses.

Within a short period you will notice that there is a decrease in the short time memory. Excessive stress destroys our power of concentration and ultimately destroys our memory. Keep yourself far from stress. Practice meditation to remove stress. Till date, meditation is the best way to calm down our nerve.

Sometimes counseling works a lot to treat a forgetful person. Sometimes old people suffer from lack of confidence regarding their memory. Give them assurance that they are not at all forgetful. Talk with them in this matter and if the situation arises take them to a doctor. Give them crossword puzzles to solve daily. Cognitive brain work is a great way to maintain memory.

Regular exercise is needed to circulate blood and oxygen to the brain. Thirty minutes of exercise daily should be practiced from the early age to keep your brain alert. Exercise like walking can be very helpful in guarding against memory loss. So any type of exercise daily should be mandatory to prevent memory loss in the old age.

People suffering from loss of memory can practice one method and that is talking out loud after completing each work. Thus they will remember in later hours that the task has been accomplished. Work done under verbal guidance also helps a lot in solving memory loss problem.