Why Cycling is a Good Exercise?

Arguably the only sport to have produced world’s fittest athletes. Take Miguel Indurain, former Tour de France winner, for example. His resting heart rate has is a mere 28 beats per minute! This is an incredible fitness level. One must wonder the strength of his heart. This is just an example of how much fitness one can gain through cycling.

Cycling can be enjoyed at any level. Ride approximately five miles at a moderate pace every day and within a few short weeks you will strong enough to pace through ten mile stretches. Longer hiking rides will be much easier as well.

Cycling is particularly beneficial to the body because the bike acts as supportive platform that keeps you aloft and without making gravity an issue. Common running sport injuries like “shin splints,” are rarely heard of in cycling. Let us compare cycling to running for a moment. When a runner is out of stamina, he requires a small break to recharge his potential. In the case of a cyclist he can simply switch to a slower pace without having to stop and halt his routine. Even if he stops pedaling, the forces present in the cycle will propel him a few hundred meters, enough time for him to gain some strength.

It improves muscular fitness and overall blood circulation. Cycling around 20 miles weekly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease to less than 50% compared to non-cyclists. It is a great stress reliever. Medical experts say cyclists feel the experience of being around 10 years younger than their age.

Being a chief aerobic activity it requires massive amounts of oxygen that are beneficial for the heart and lungs. They work as unit to provide with nutrient rich oxygen. With enhanced oxygen intake, the lungs expand to encompass the extra oxygen and the heart increases in size to pump that blood with more force. Stronger heart and efficient lungs are the primary building blocks to augmented fitness levels. Even if you cycle a few short miles a day your muscles will get stronger. Stronger muscles give you a better overall appearance and confidence.

Cycle your way to fitness!

Ridhi Rajpal