Why Olives Are Essential In Your Diet

The use of olives in diet has been in trend for centuries, till in recent times the medical world tried to publicize the benefits of using this wonderful fruit in our daily life. Olives are used in varied forms and though many ways on out diet.

Most doctors suggest the use of olives to people who suffer from various chronic diseases of the heart and the blood. So what makes this fruit so much popular? Find the most interesting facts about olives and how you can get benefited by including it in your daily diet.

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The Fat Content:

You must be surprised to know that the fat content in olives is around 25-30%! But all these fats are so called the ‘good fats’. But all the fat that you consume is monounsaturated which have a positive effect on the levels of blood cholesterol.

In case you are using olive oil in your cooking, salads and dressings, you are on the right track! The fat in olives gives our body protection and is not the ones that get destroyed easily.  As such the countries where olives and olive oil is used more in the diet has lesser diseases and people are more healthy and fit!

Olives Aid In Weight Loss:

Did you ever know that some oil can aid your weight loss process? Having the monounsaturated fats, olives can actually let you keep your hunger at bay. Eat a few olives in raw form or cook your diet in olive oil, you will feel lesser need for food for longer time. Other oils pile up at all the wrong places but olive oil can decrease the fat overall, especially in your tummy area.

The Essence That Matters

The strong flavor of olives is loved by one and all. They make even the worst of salads taste and look good.  It is an excellent snack and can be used in salads of almost all kinds. You can use olive oil as well, in case you don’t get pure olives in the raw form in your country.

Olives are Non-Allergic:

Olives are devoid of allergy causing agents like soy, lactose. As such, how much sensitive you are, you can always enjoy olives in almost every form. So start eating till you are completely filled up.

Full of Antioxidants:

Olives have antioxidants that today most people seek in the food they take. You will be better immune to all environmental changes and will have a body with improved resistance power from within.

Stay safe with zero trans-fats:

Talking about oils, we mostly fear buying oils that have trans-fats. But did you know that there are actually two types of Trans-fats- good and bad? Olives don’t have any bad trans –fat!In fact if you take a look at all the diet control recipes and those meant for the diseased use olive oil as the medium.

High in Vitamin E

Olives have very high quantities of natural Vitamins and is prescribed for the mal-nutritional people. The percentage of Vitamin E is the highest and that aids in protection of bones.

Improve your liver functions with olives:

You can make your liver well in shape and healthy with this essential oil that is high on chlorine. It aids in many processes in the body and cures constipation by regulating the flushing out of toxins from the body. You will keep like-taking diseases like cancer at bay with olives.

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How to Olives in your Diet

Olives are mostly found in the Mediterranean area and mostly in the raw forms. Olives were pressed and used to make olive oil that is exported to many countries around the globe where olives are not found naturally.

Needless to say, olive oil is comparatively more expensive than other oils and can be found in selected stores. When you buy olive oil, try to buy virgin olive oil which the purest and expensive of all forms available in the market.

You can use this oil in marinating foods before grilling and in everyday cooking. To add flavor to your salads, you can use olive essences and make the taste really strong.

Unknown Facts about Olives:

Women who care about their assets must have olive oil in their daily diet to maintain the firmness of the breasts and keep them in shape.

The oil is also beneficial in curing ear problems and can be used in curing earaches by applying directly in the ears. Did you know that bathing with olive oils also equally beneficial? You can add a few drops of olive oils in your bathing water and wash from head to toe.

Most spas around the globe use olives in face packs and oil in the massages. The more olive oil you consume in your diet, the lesser you will show the signs of aging. In fact it is an excellent moisturizer in every season and is used in many beauty products. Massage your hair with olive oil and see the bounce and shine in your hair change within a few days!

Nutrients in Olive Oil

As stated before, olive oil is of different kinds and nutritional value does change with it. The general olive oil that we get in stores for cooking includes energy about 900 calories and saturated is about 15.6. The vitamin E is around 19.4g which is quite high compared to other oils. (Note: all measurements as per 100g of olive oil. By now you have an idea how olive oil is beneficial to your body and how you can have it in your diet.

Healthy body can be maintained with simple steps and you can make difference with your little efforts. Whether you are a heart patient or have high blood pressure, you can use olive oil for happy reasons.

People who are in their thirties must take extra care with the foods they take, so that they can keep cholesterol away from their blood. Start taking olive oil in your diet, you will find reasons to smile for years to come.