Work Out Tips For The Chest

Work Out Tips For The ChestThe muscles of the chest affect the appearance of the whole body structure. Therefore, if you have well-built chest muscles, then your total outlook will get enhanced. There are various workout tips for the chest. The chest workouts mostly lay a combined effect on the minor and the major pectoralis muscle, the trapezius muscle and the neck.

Various Forms Of Work Outs For The Chest

Barbell Bench Press

The bench press is the key to chest building. On a flat bench, lie with your spine straight and on the plain floor, hold a firm position of your feet flat. Apply a grip in a position, slightly broader than the width of your shoulder. Then take the barbell in your hand and hold them at a position above your body.

Slowly bring them down to the middle portion of your chest. Do not bounce the barbell weights out of chest frequently, rather slowly draw up the barbell to the middle of your chest, straitening your arms and locking your elbows. Slowly and steadily, lower down the barbell. If you are beginner then start of with a barbell, which is low in its weight, and gradually proceed with the heavy ones.


Pushup is a great physical exercise not only for your chest but also for the whole body.  On the floor, kneel down slowly and keep your hands flat over the floor in a position which is a slightly wider than the width of your shoulder. Make your arms straight while the posture of your shoulder is to be kept directly on your hands.

Work Out Tips For The Chest

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Move your feet to the back slowly, toes are to be placed on the floor while your knees are lying off the floor and your legs should not bend down, they should be straight. At this position, a straight line has to be formed by your body to the ankles from your shoulder. Position your neck and head within the same line and look downward while conducting the pushups.

This is the former position, and then bring your body back down to the floor, with your elbows bending.  Slowly your body has to be pushed up from the floor, straightening your arms. Do these in a controlled manner slowly and steadily and throughout the pushups, your spine have to be straight.

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Dumbbell Flyes

The dumbbell flyes work smoothly on your chest and arm muscles. Be seated on a flat and plain bench carrying a dumbbell in each hand. Steadily lie back, holding both the dumbbells in a position close to your chest. Slowly extend your arms while lifting the dumbbells. There should be a light bend in your elbows.

Now in a controlled manner, lower down the dumbbells stretching your arms wide, in the same line to your shoulder. Slowly and steadily hold up the weights in your hands over your chest. The bend of your elbows should be uniform throughout this workout. Follow the workouts regularly to get a proper tone of your chest muscles. Along with the workouts, try to be on protein-rich diet, eliminating too much of carbohydrate or calories.

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