Workout Results

Losing weight and keeping it off is a daunting task. Despite exercising frequently, you could not be getting results of your efforts. There are many people who complain about not getting their workout results. Let’s understand a few reasons why this could be happening?

Weight loss is quite hard is achieve, it requires you to commit to your workout activities every single day. Firstly, ensure that your weight loss goals are realistic. You cannot expect changes to happen overnight. Most experts recommend losing about 0.5 to 2 lbs in a week; this also depends on your body weight. If you are expecting lose any more weight on a weekly basis, you are not being realistic.

Sometimes, scales do not show your weight loss progress. If this happens, don’t fret and give up on your workout regimen. Try to assess if there are any other improvement in your fitness level. You could have experienced inch loss, your blood pressure can be more stable, and your cholesterol level can lower significantly. Otherwise you could be feeling more active, energetic or strong. So, when you adopt a workout regimen, understand and accept that it could take time for the changes to show physically. In some cases it could take a few weeks, for others it could be months or even years. This depends on your fitness level and genetics. Therefore don’t give up on your weight loss goals and slacken your efforts.

Also, weight loss involves a lot of hard work. Sometimes you don’t see workout results because you are not putting in enough efforts. To attain goals on a weekly basis, you must burn at least calories every day. Like to be able to lose one pound every week, you must burn 500 calories daily. Most people aim to achieve this by burning 500 calories through exercise and cutting 500 calories from their diet daily. Remember, the key to achieving weight loss is to do this every day! This doesn’t happen with most of us; things don’t go as planned every day.

There are days when we eat little extra, or even worse splurge on that buffet. If we eat out, we could be consuming a large number of calories and negating workout efforts of several days put together. We could take rest from our exercise schedule on other days. This affects our weight loss efforts and slows it down tremendously. Therefore, you should be equipped to tackle emergencies and situations like these. Be careful when eating out, fight temptation, find out 15 minutes workouts you can do on days you are busy, etc. Otherwise, you can also give up on a strict weight loss regimen, and adopt a comparatively lax one instead.