Yoga Exercises For Abs

Yoga Exercises For AbsAfter performing the same-old exercises like crunches and leg lifts, etc. one may get bored of the routine. The exercises may well stop being a fun time; which is bad because the more fun you try to squeeze out of your workout regime,the more you will work out and thus will tone your body better.

So here are a few Yoga exercises for you to try. In addition to toning your abs, it will also be a fun change and will also help to maintain a certain happiness and calmness in you.

Few Common Yoga Exercises For Abs

The Tree

Yes,you will encounter strange names! Start by standing with the feet together and your arms by your side. Now inhale and bend one leg at the knee and put the foot on the other one’s thigh. Once you gain enough balance to move your body, raise the arms from your side and make the palms meet above your head.

Hold the pose for about 25-30 seconds and then return to original posture. Perform the same routine with the other leg and continue to perform the exercise 3-4 times for each leg.

Balancing Table

Get on all fours, i.e. the hands and knees. Make sure that the fingers are spread straight and the hands are directly below your shoulders and the knees under the buttocks. Now, slowly lift a pair of alternate limbs off the ground (e.g. right leg, left foot or vice versa) and keep them placed parallel to the floor.

Keep in the posture for about 30 seconds, not forgetting to breathe deeply. After the time span, return slowly to the original posture and repeat with the other pair.

Triangle Pose

Sand straight so that your legs (feet) are about 3 feet apart. Now turn one foot at a 90 degree angle, to point away from you and the other one other pointing straight.

Lift your arms so that they are perpendicular to the body and then bend your body to the side which the second foot facing i.e. forward. Place the arm on the shin and the other, up in the air. Hold this posture for 15 seconds. After this, return to original posture and repeat the steps with the other side.

Plank Exercises For Abs

Many of you might have heard the name of this exercise and some of you might also have tried it. Get in the position of push-ups and support your body with the forearms and toes (which should be touching the floor).

Spread he fingers wide and keep the elbows below the shoulders. The back, head, legs and hips should form a straight line. Breathe deeply (and evenly) and hold this pose for about 30 seconds. These yoga exercises work on the abdominal muscles.There are many more which works on the same and gives good results.

The yoga exercises are performed because they are known to have brought inner peace and are great for increasing the meditative power of an individual; as well as toning your body. So nowadays, many trainers are pointing their followers towards these exercises, rather than old-school ones.

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