Yoga Exercises That Cure Hairfall And Hair Problems

Yoga Exercises That Cure Hairfall And Hair ProblemsHair enhances the beauty of human beings. Most of the people are very much conscious about their beauty in recent times. People always try to maintain their prefect look. For this they take care of their body, skin, and hair. One of the most important things that is at the top of the priority list is hair.

In recent time hair fall and improper growth of hair is one of the common problems among every one, irrespective of male and female. Excessive hair fall leads to receding hair line and baldness too, which affects their personality. So, people get more and more conscious when they suffer from hair fall, balding, thinning of hair and other hair problems.

Reasons of hair fall

Hair fall or improper hair growth mainly occur due to our busy lifestyle. We do not maintain our hair in a proper way. Besides these are so many other reasons are there like stress, anxiety, bad diet and genetic factors that are responsible for hair fall. If you are suffering from stomach problem since a long time then you can face this problem too.

How to prevent hair loss in general

If you want to maintain you hair properly and trying to prevent hair fall then you must change your life style.You must take healthy, lightly cooked food. You need sufficient sleep too. If you have any stomach problem you must consult with doctor and try to cure this problem as early as possible. You can try to spend more time to take extra care of your hair.

Yoga and hair fall

At the same time you must do yoga asana and meditation if you want to get the best of results. Yoga is the only way by which you can prevent your hair fall. Besides these, you can cure many other health disorders through yoga. Yoga asana improves the blood circulation in your head and fights against stress, indigestion and anxiety.

It also improves the immune system by reducing the exhaustion of our body. In these ways yoga asana can prevent external germs from attacking your body. Various type of yoga asanas are there which prevent hair fall and also help in your hair growth.

Some yoga asanas for preventing hair fall

Amongst them best four yoga asanas are discussed here:

Yoga asana no. 1

This is the best asana for controlling hair fall. It is called ‘Shirshasana’ (head stand pose). This asana is the most difficult asana, so when you do this posture you must take some help or advice from an efficient yoga instructor. Firstly, sit down in kneel down position.

Then place your head in front of your knee, placing your both palms on both sides of your head. Then try to lift both of your legs upwards and try to balance your body in a straight position, exerting entire body balance on your head. Hold on to the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

When you do this asana you must maintain proper breathing. This asana helps you to reduce stress and tensions, which are the prime reasons for hair fall. But those people who are suffering from high blood pressure must avoid performing this yogasana.

Yoga asana no. 2

This asana is also considered as one of the most effective yoga asana which helps us to prevent hair fall. This asana is known as ‘Vajrassana’ (diamond pose). When you perform this yoga posture you must sit on the flat ground and your back must be straight.

Then place your legs stretched out in front of you while your legs will remain close to each other. Now, fold both your knees and place both feet under your hips such that you can sit on them.  Then place your both palms on both your knees respectively.

Hold on to this posture for a few seconds and return back to starting position after that. At the time of performing this yogasana the breathing procedure must be normal.

If you want to get the best result from this asana, you must do this at least three times per day. For those people who are suffering from knee pain or piles, it is beater to avoid this posture. Poor digestion is one of the vital causes for hair fall. This asana increases your digestive power and will help you to protect your hair.

Yoga asana no. 3

This asana is called ‘Kapalabhati’, another best yoga posture for hair fall. This yoga is also very helpful for hair growth. This is predominantly a breathing exercise.

Firstly, sit down on the flat floor in a cross legged position, such that your left toe is in your right thigh and right toe is in your left thigh. When you do this yoga the back portion of your body, neck and head should be in a straight line. Then place both your hands on both your knees. Relax your body muscles as much as possible. Now take a deep breath and inhale fresh air inside your stomach.

Next, release all the air slowly, through your nose. When you exhale the air from your stomach you must give some pressure on your stomach muscles and pull your abdomen inside so that your body is devoid of as much air as possible.

You can do this process at least 30 times per set. You can gradually increase the time period day by day to about 15 minutes at a stretch. This yoga improves the blood circulation in your body which protects hair fall.

Yoga asana no.4

This asana is known as ‘Sarvangasana’ (shoulder stand). It is so called as the exercise is beneficial for the whole body. Lie down on the flat ground. Then try to lift both your legs towards the ceiling along with your hip and stomach.

Your body should be resting on your shoulders and the back of your neck. You must try to support your body with your palms, which are to be placed at the center of your spine. When you do this yoga posture you must keep your legs and spine straight.

Hold this position for a few seconds and then return back to the starting position. At the time of doing this yoga, you must breathe normally. If you want to get best result from this yoga you must do this posture at least three times per day.

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