Yoga For Kids

People often start doing yoga when they are getting older. But yoga is also beneficial to children. Making children do yoga will improve their mental and emotional as well as physical skills. These days children are also leading very fast paced lives and yoga will benefit them in more ways than one.

In fact if the school has a yoga programme for kids it would be great to make your child join it. For those who want to make their kids do yoga at home; here are some easy poses that you and your child can do together.

One of the poses in yoga that is easy for kids is the tree pose. For this stand on your toes and stretch your arms as high as you can; keeping the palms  joint. You must stretch your calves and back as much as you can.

Once the child can do this easily; lift one leg and touch the sole of the foot to the  outstretched knee and try and balance while stretching. This will improve balance and posture. The standing tree pose will help in increasing the height of the child and is also a good stretch for children who are overweight.

Another good yoga pose for kids is to stand straight and keep the hands on the hips. Now slowly stretch backwards so that your back is arched. This is easy to do and will make the child more flexible if done regularly. It will also strengthen the back and loosen the neck muscles. Do not hold this pose for too long.

For improving and strengthening the thigh and calf muscles ask the child to squat down low and keep your hands comfortably resting on your knees. Balance for a few seconds and stand up. Those who are overweight must not stay in this pose for long as it can affect the knees. Those with weak knees and ankles should not do this pose.

Children are very flexible and you will find them being able to do some of the more difficult yoga poses quite easily. Let them start while they are young so that they can realize the benefits it gives them.

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