Yoga Helps To Increase Concentration

Nowadays we are all familiar with the word yoga. Every person who wants to be fit always both physically and mentally depends on yoga. The number of people who have started practicing yoga regularly is increasing day by day. However every one of us do not have the clear idea about yoga, its importance, its usability etc. So now we are going to gain some knowledge about yoga.

What is Yoga?

After hearing the word yoga one idea commonly comes on our mind, that is exercise. But it is not just a form of exercise. Exercise means physical stretch that can keep a person physically fit, but nowadays people usually suffer from less concentration and patience.

The basic difference is that yoga can solve the mental as well as physical problems whereas exercise can only keep a person physically fit. We know if a person is mentally disturbed that means that person is totally unfit to carry out any job efficiently.

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. The goal of yoga is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. It mainly originated from ancient India and is very deeply linked with meditative practices in ancient India.

In the present world every person is very busy with their jobs. For every type of job concentration, attention, patience is mostly needed by everyone. But jobs are so complex and complicated that under pressure, concentration often breaks and it hampers the work badly.

To fix this problem yoga can be really useful to increase concentration in work, as earlier it has been said that it is a form to attain mental and spiritual discipline. Now the question is how yoga can increase concentration of a person.

Let’s see one by one:-

What Is Concentration?

Concentration is to focus on a single matter at one time avoiding the habit of thinking multiple matters at the same time. Concentration is deeply related to focus. People lose concentration because they lose the focus from the target.

We do a mistake often and that is we work on many topics at a single time. As a result the works get overlapped on each other.  These multi-tasking results in lower level of concentration that hampers work badly. To solve the problem yoga, meditation is one of the best ways.


Meditation is one of the finest processes to increase concentration. It is not yoga but deeply related with it. It is a practice of contemplation. Sit quietly in a noiseless place; attempt to take the mind into a deep level of concentration by relaxing and focusing on a single matter of thinking. It is often practiced with music. Using music can give relaxation at rapid rate at the time of doing meditation.

Practice of Concentration

It is an important yoga technique for increasing concentration. Practice of concentration helps to reduce the occupied mind. The mind is taught to stay firm at a fixed place rather than letting it wander here and there.

This reduces strain and stress on the mind. The mental focus increases. The daily practice of concentration reduces the inconsistent attitude of mind and a different kind of peace can be observed throughout work.


Most important part of yoga for increasing concentration is pranayama.  In pranayama, the mind is focused on the breath as it flows in and out of the body. Oxygen and energy are also increased in the body and brain by the regulation of breath. In this way pranayama works on increasing concentration as it directly put effects on brain. Brain is relaxed and concentration is increased time after time.

Yoga Exercises That Promote Mental Peace

Anulom vilom

This is an important one for relaxing and increasing concentration. It is one akind of pranayam. In this technique a person have to sit straight, press left nostril by thumb so that nostril gets closed, take fresh air by right nostril so much that it fills the diaphragm, after that press right nostril by thumb and release the breath.

The steps should be repeated at least for five minutes. Fresh oxygen goes to brain and allows it to relax. Those people who have less concentration due to headache problem this yoga technique is useful for them.


The sixth limb of yoga is a state of focused attention used during asana. In this type of yoga, a gazing point is used, so that mental concentration improves. The poses of  the back bending and forward bending, affects the nervous systems and stimulates it and affects the spinal column and activates it too. This affects directly the brain to release tension, stress and helps to increase concentration.


One of the powerful and effective postures of yoga is sirshasana that is very useful for both the mind and body. It rests the heart and aids in circulation which in turn improves memory power. When you practice sirshasana, blood circulation including abundant blood goes towards brain, as a result intellectual powers and concentration is increased. But precautions should take before doing this as this technique is little difficult, especially for people who are overweight.

Adhomukha swastikasana

This technique can be useful for removing stress from mind that can increase concentration. In this technique a person should sit in a cross leg pose, take breath and raise hands then leave breath and lower the hands, place the palms flat on the ground.

The forehead should touch the floor, hold the pose and breathe normally, then after one minute return to the start position and repeat the process. In this technique blood circulation speed is raised, as a result stress is removed and you feel relaxed.

In this way we see the whole body including brain getting relaxation by yoga techniques which help to improve the concentration level. All these techniques are very useful if they are practiced regularly in a disciplined manner. Otherwise the proper result cannot be experienced.

Apart from this, yoga also helps to keep a person fit and healthy. Yoga helps us to balance our mental stability, increase our muscle toning, and our work stamina. It is a best trick for those people who are obese as well as for health conscious people. The yoga exercises help to burn excess fat and provide an enhanced body shape or figure to us that we desire the most.

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