Yoga Postures For Losing Weight From The Lower Belly

Yoga Postures For Losing Weight From The Lower BellyThough yoga does little to build strength and power in an individual, it is the best exercise when one wants to increase the endurance, the stability and the stamina.

Yoga exercises are ‘safe’ exercises. This is because these exercises mainly refer to holding yoga poses for a long period of time and thus involves little movement and lesser chances of hurting oneself.

Yoga also helps ‘detoxify’ the body, improves our health, and gives our confidence a boost. So to lose weight from the lower belly, yoga will be able to help but itself needs aid of some other basic routines. We are listing all the necessary aspects below; hope they will be of proper service.

Yoga Postures For Losing Weight From The Lower Belly

Cardiovascular Exercises

Without cardiovascular exercises, no weight-reducing regime will be complete. To target the fat cells you have to perform the cardiovascular exercises. While any type of cardiovascular exercise is adequate, you must perform the exercise long enough. Start with a time span of about half an hour and then go on increasing regularly.


Here is a list of yoga exercises that you should perform to lose weight from the  lower belly and be healthy.


For this exercise, sit down on the floor (mattress) with your legs spread out straight and your back straight. Now slowly lift your legs upwards and your upper body backwards. Ultimately, you will attain the shape of a ‘V’.

Now extend the arms and place at a distance from your legs. You may also bend at your knee so that the extended arms and the lower legs (from the knees) are parallel. Hold this pose for about 35 seconds; extend the time limit as you progress.

Wheel Pose

It is also called the upward bow. To start this yoga, you have to lie down on your back and your hands should be behind the shoulders in such a way that the fingers point towards the body. Keep the feet flat and bend your knees.

Slowly lift your hip upwards as much you can. The body should take a position of a bow and stay in that way for half-minute time. Now slowly lower down your body.

Upward Facing Dog

This is performed while you are in a partial facedown position. Stretch your hands and lie down on your tummy, on the floor. Keep pushing your body upwards so that your arms get extended completely.

Only your hands and feet should touch the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles and stay in that position for about half-minute.

Warrior I

To begin with, stretch your legs up to a distance of about four feet. Turn out the right foot at right angle then turn then your left foot in such a way that it makes an angle of 45 degrees. Now turn towards your right by twisting the torso.

Slowly bend the right knee so that the thigh comes in parallel appearance to the floor. Now, expand your hands by clasping the palms. Slightly bend backwards by stretching your hands on top of your head.

Maintain this position for half second and slowly get back into normal position. Following these yoga tips will help in a big way.

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