Zone Diet – What Are The Components And Benefits?

Zone Diet focuses on low carbohydrate food content but this doesn’t mean that you eat more proteins or fats.

It aims to provide hormonal balance by allowing you to take in a balanced ratio of carbohydrates (40%), proteins (30%) and fat (30%). This type of diet restricts the calorie consumption in individuals (up to 500 Calories for meals). To know about Zone Diet in detail, read through the sections below.

Zone Diet And Its Component:

A Zone Diet requires you to take in a small amount of protein (equal to the size of your palm) at every snack or meal. You should take in “favorable” carbohydrates (vegetables, whole grains and fruits) equal to twice the amount of protein intake. In case you take in “unfavorable” carbohydrates in small quantities, go for pasta, bread, dry breakfast cereal and fruits like mango and banana.

That’s because the “unfavorable carbohydrates” release glucose quickly. The Zone Diet doesn’t allow dairy products too much. However, you can go for low-fat cheese, egg whites and milk.

If you’re following the Zone Diet, you must take in minimum quantity of saturated fats. However, you can take in olive, nuts, and canola. When you follow a Zone Diet, you eat foods that can control the production of insulin within your body, thus ensuring that you lose fat or body weight. A Zone Diet needs you to have plenty of water (nearly 8 glasses daily) and leafy green vegetables.

Benefits Of Zone Diet

A Zone Diet enables you to stay away from diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases in addition to other health problems. It helps in improving your mental clarity. It is the perfect choice for those infected with Type II Diabetes.

Zone diet – How Frequently You Should Eat

If you’re on a Zone Diet, you should eat at least five to six times a day. You shouldn’t spend more than five hours without a snack or a meal. Once you wake up in the morning, take in your meal or snack within the next one hour.

When you go off to sleep at night, make sure you have taken in a snack an hour beforehand. Once you start following this plan, you’ll find your insulin level remaining at an optimum level, thus keeping you fit and fine.